We want all residents to feel safe at Chester House. Entrance doors are secured with an access control system and there are CCTV cameras monitoring entrances and external areas.

When you arrive you will be given a key to your room and a security fob to access the building. You are able to come and go from Chester House whenever you like, but access to some parts of the building is restricted at times for safety reasons.

For the safety of all residents we aim to make Chester House as secure as possible. To do this, we ask all residents to:

  • Let us know straight away if you lose your keys so we can ensure that no-one else can use them. You will have to pay for a new set, but this will be refunded if the keys are found and returned.
  • Ask your visitors to leave by 11pm (unless you have booked them in for an overnight stay). Please remember that you are responsible for your visitors and their behaviour.
  • Not give the keys to anyone else as your visitors should only be coming into the building when they are with you.
  • Remember that access to the grounds is not possible after 10pm as your security fob will not allow entry through the back doors.
  • Not let anyone you don’t know in the building, make sure they use their key.
  • Use the emergency phone to contact the Accommodation Team if you see anyone acting suspiciously.
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