Health & Safety

This topic tends to have a reputation of being boring, but it really is important and does save lives so please do read this carefully especially as we take the safety of people and property very seriously (which is why there also a section on health and safety in the licence agreement).

• Please act in a safe and responsible way and don’t do anything that puts yourself, other people, or the building at risk of injury or damage.
• Please do not overload electrical sockets. It is best to just use one fused extension per plug socket and not to add any other adaptors to that. If you notice a damaged electrical socket, please report it.
• Any electrical equipment you bring with you must comply with UK safety legislation and carry a CE or BS kite mark. If we are concerned by an item of equipment due to exposed wires, damage, etc., we may remove it and dispose of it.
• If you store food in one of the fridges in the kitchenettes, please follow the instructions posted on or near the fridge otherwise your food might be disposed of.
• Please remember that you are responsible for your visitor’s safety and behaviour.
• Please let the Accommodation Team know if you are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury that affects your mobility or if you contract a serious infection or contagious illness.

If you need to contact the Accommodation Team in an emergency and the office is closed, please use the emergency phone in reception.

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Fire Safety

We want to reduce the risk of fire and ensure the safe evacuation of everyone should the fire alarm sound. For this reason please remember:

  • That you are responsible for your own safe evacuation as well as the safe evacuation of your visitors and you should always leave the building safely and go straight to the assembly point as soon as the fire alarm sounds.
  • To read the fire action posters and know your evacuation routes (these will be shown to you when you arrive).
  • That you are not allowed to smoke (including e-cigarettes), light candles, incense sticks or any other items with naked flames in any part of the building or grounds.
  • To not use cooking equipment in non-kitchen areas. If you do, you are likely to set the fire alarm off.
  • To not wedge open or block fire doors (self-closing doors) or leave any item in the corridor, stairwell or by an exit (this is to ensure a safe evacuation at all times).
  • That smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and anything else related to the fire safety system are not to be tampered with.
  • That flammable liquids, gases or electrical or gas heaters are not allowed to be brought into the building or onto the grounds.
  • That we carry out a weekly test of the fire alarm on Wednesdays at 11.00. This test will last for around 30 seconds and there is no need to evacuate.

If you need to contact the Accommodation Team in an emergency and the office is closed, please use the emergency phone in reception.

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