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Chester House is home to a diverse community of up to 159 people from the UK and countries all over the world. We aim to ensure that Chester House is a harmonious and safe place to live where each person is treated with respect and dignity.

The most important bit of information to know is about our Accommodation Team. The team is the face of Chester House providing support and assistance to our residents and ensuring the safety and security of the building. They are there to help in a range of ways from accepting deliveries to dealing with complaints. They are always more than happy to have a quick chat and hear about your day so do feel free to chat with them about everything and anything.

The team is made up of members of staff and volunteers, known as Senior Residents. Together, they provide 24/7 cover. Our Senior Residents are residents who have lived in Chester House for a year or more and who are trained to the same level as staff on how to respond to emergency situations.

Above all, the team aim to ensure that Chester House is a harmonious place to live. To help us with that, we ask all our residents to:

    • Respect all those who live in, work and visit Chester House
    • Listen to any instructions given by the Accommodation Team
    • Be aware of the noise you make, especially in the bedroom corridors and after 10pm
    • Clean up or report any mess made in common areas

Other important information to know (along with the licence agreement) when staying in Chester House is:

  • If you require any assistance please go to the main reception. If there is no-one in reception and it is an emergency, you can contact the Accommodation Team by using the emergency telephone in reception.
  • To be kept up-to-date with all the things happening at Chester House, please join our facebook group for your academic year (the link will be sent to you). Updates will also be made online so if you are not a facebook user please check the residents’ page on a regular basis (this is also where the online forms can be found).
  • You will need to fill out a form to make certain requests, such as requesting the away nights’ discount. All forms can be found online and details on how to find them will be given to you when you arrive.
  • You are invited to the events that we organise throughout the year like themed dinner nights, Christmas party and the summer BBQ.
  • Post and parcels can be found either in the pigeon holes in the Hub or in reception (this will be shown these when you arrive). Deliveries will be accepted and signed for on your behalf, but only during office opening hours.
  • You can print, scan and photocopy at reception during office hours (for a small fee).
  • No alcohol is allowed in any part of the building or grounds – this is primarily because we are owned by the Methodist Church, but we have also found that this makes for a nicer living experience especially for our under 18s residents.
  • No smoking is allowed in any part of the building or grounds except for the designated smoking area at the front of the building
  • Should you wish to have an overnight guest, you can either have them sleep in your room or book a separate room for them. To do this, please fill out the online form. Guest rooms are subject to availability.
  • We recommend that you register with a local GP practice soon after your arrive. There is a GP surgery directly opposite Chester House. Please speak to reception for more details and to request a confirmation of residence letter, which will be needed to register.
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