From your room to the dance studio or the dining room to the study, Chester House has some great facilities for residents to use. There is also the peaceful North Bank Estate grounds to walk around or sit in.

We have a strong focus on recycling and sustainability to ensure that we reduce the resources we use, which is very important for a building the size of ours.

There are many facilities in Chester House for you to use and most are included in the fees:

Your room

This is fully furnished and ready for you to personalise. All we ask is that things are only stuck on the wall with blu-tack and nothing is stuck on any wooden surface (including the door). Most of our bedroom floors are male or female only.


We provide a duvet and pillow as well as all the bed linen. You can bring your own, but you will need to wash it. Towels are not provided.


Once a week, your room receives a general clean and the bed linen is changed. We try to clean each room on the same day. Please see information in corridors for your room’s cleaning day. Please help us by ensuring that our cleaners can access the bed, sink and floor at the very least.

TV Licence

Please remember to check the latest information for TV licencing as you will currently need one if you have a TV or use iPlayer in your room.


For residents who are in a standard room there is a toiler & shower for every five residents and most bathrooms are either male or female only. The bathrooms are cleaned daily.


As a catered halls we don’t have vast kitchen facilities, but there are small kitchenettes throughout the building with fridges, kettles, microwaves and induction hobs (an induction saucepan is needed) for everyone’s use.


There is a residents’ laundry with washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing facilities. the machines are operated via an app or top-up card. Details on how to do this will be provided when you arrive.

The Hub

This is the area of the building that has all the social and common spaces such as TV rooms, gym, dance studio and study. Some of the rooms are only open at certain times for safety reasons. The hub is a great space for hanging out and late night chats.


Full use of the wifi is included. We just ask that you understand that during peak times it may be a little slower than normal. To help with this we ask that large files are not downloaded. The password will be given to you when you arrive.

Cars and Bicycles

Parking is not available on-site for residents unless you are a blue-badge holder (there is free street parking). A locked bike store is available for use, just ask at reception for a key.

Luggage Room

We have a small storeroom for large, empty suitcases. Please put your name and room number on the case and bring it to reception.


Please help everyone to keep Chester House looking nice at all times by cleaning up or reporting any mess in any part of the building.


We really want to reduce the amount of energy we use so most of our lighting is LED and is sensor-driven. We also like to use push taps where possible. You can help by turning off lights in your room when you leave it, reporting any leaks such as a dripping tap, and turning down your radiator when you are not in the room.


We try to recycle as much as we possibly can and there is a recycling bag in every bedroom and a food waste bin in every kitchenette. All we ask is that you empty your recycling bag into the main recycling bins outside the building. We also have a freecycle area where items can be left for other residents to take, and charity bins for items such as clothes to be donated.


If you have any problems or something doesn’t work in any part of the building please let us know using our online fault report form. Our maintenance team will then fix the problem as soon as possible (and usually quicker than that).

Washing Facilities - Hall of Residence in North London
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