General Information

Chester House is home to a diverse community of up to 159 people from the UK and countries all over the world. A mix of foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as students on placements stay at Chester House. We aim to ensure that Chester House is a harmonious and safe place to live where each person is treated with respect and dignity.

Our Accommodation Team is the face of Chester House. They provide support and assistance to our residents; whilst ensuring the safety and security of the building. They are there to help in a range of ways, whether it is addressing a concern you may have, accepting your post and parcels, or just being there for when you feel like a chat. The team is made up of members of staff and volunteers, known as Senior Residents.

As a catered hall of residence with a large social space, there is plenty of opportunity to meet residents from other courses and to build lasting friendships. We also have events throughout the year focusing on food and fun.

Most of all we want our residents to look forward to coming home each day to enjoy a hot meal and time with friends.

Meeting lots of people from different universities. My first year wouldn’t have been as good anywhere else!


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